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National Architecture Award for Indigo Slam

We’re delighted to announce that Indigo Slam has won the Robin Boyd Award for Residential Architecture – Houses (New) at the 2016 AIA National Architecture Awards.

Indigo Slam, an inspiring home for an art collector, is unique in Australian residential architecture. Designed to last for 100 years, materials were selected to wear and endure and fittings to last. Behind a façade of sculpted concrete facing a new Chippendale park, serene living spaces and monumental halls create an interplay of spare interiors in which the main decorative element is light.

We would like to thank our wonderful client, Judith Neilson and the entire design and construction team for making this such an exceptional project. More on Indigo Slam here.

Sharrin Rees Tribute

In this newsletter we pay tribute to Sharrin Rees, who recently passed away and will be greatly missed. Over the past 15 years, Sharrin was our number one photographer and was responsible for capturing the most beautiful images associated with our projects. As a woman she was a pioneer in her field and as an architectural photographer, one of the best in the country.

What makes Sharrin Rees’ photographs stand out from the rest is their poetry, the way that they capture the project’s story in a unique and delightful way.
This had me hooked and I therefore have had the privilege of establishing a wonderful collaborative relationship with her.

– William Smart


Over the past 10 years, Smart Design Studio in close collaboration with our clients, has renovated seven medical suites within BMA House on Macquarie Street, Sydney. Within each of the rooms, we’ve created subtly different characters to suit their aspect and function, and reveal inherent architectural opportunities. As a result, the spaces feel rich and complex, whilst retaining our design principle to play new against old in a sophisticated manner. Although the finishes and designs vary, it’s the meticulous detail that binds everything together. More on the Morris Suites here.

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