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Crown 515

Located on a prominent corner in Surry Hills, Crown 515 presents a dynamic form to the street, reinterpreting the terrace in a contemporary design of angular shapes and shimmering tessellated tiles. Derived from the pitched roof forms of the surrounding structures, the acute angles of the southern facade exaggerate the perspective of the corner site and lift up to reveal an activated public domain. More on Crown 515 here.


Successfully merging the different scales, materials, and uses of this corner of Sydney, Connor mediates between the fine grain, low rise brick buildings of Chippendale and the larger scale buildings that connect Central Park to Sydney’s southern CBD. Read more about Connor here.

Indigo Slam in Wallpaper* and Mark magazine

Indigo Slam is featured in the latest Wallpaper* and MARK magazine. To read more about this project click here.

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