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Lawson Place

Smart Design Studio has reinvigorated Sydney’s CBD with the respectful restoration of two buildings. While the dilapidated built form featured a variety of architectural styles, materials, and signage, Smart Design Studio’s new external work enhances the innate character to create two distinct façades. Each retains a unique identity but is cohesive as a whole. Brickwork is left raw, steel windows were updated with a newer version and a double-height iteration adds drama to the streetscape. Internally a larger floorplate delivers more useable interior spaces for the hotel and offices above the numerous food and beverage offerings now at ground level. For more read here


The interiors of 77 apartments at ‘Alexander’ Barangaroo were designed by Smart Design Studio to embody the concept of wharf-side luxury. SDS was also engaged to personalize one penthouse in particular. The clients wanted to elevate their apartment with an injection of more glamorous finishes and furnishings. The concept started in the living area with curved custom joinery featuring a specially commissioned artwork by Camille Hannah. The expressive brushstrokes and metallic pigment take the design from purely functional to beautiful. Furnishings strike the balance between the light finishes and the complex colours of the artwork. For more read here


The Harold Park precinct was awarded the NSW Australian Institute of Architect’s Lloyd Rees Award for Urban Design and City of Sydney Lord Mayor’s Prize. This vibrant park and urban setting, designed by Mirvac Design, Government Architect’s Office (GANSW), City of Sydney and Hassell, includes of a number of striking buildings including Maxwell, by Smart Design Studio. Read more of The Maxwell here

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