Smart Design Studio - Sydney Architects

The Quay


Urban Taskforce Development Excellence Award for Mixed Uses Development – Interiors 2015

The concept of the Quay Apartments is ‘life, beautifully packaged’. It takes inspiration from the world of luxury brands, which consider the whole retail experience, not just the object of purchase. The complex is comprised of 271 apartments, each one typified by simplified planning and spacious interiors, floating joinery units created from full-gloss veneers, marble floors and bathrooms and impeccable detailing. Diverting attention from the functional aspects of a room toward generous spatial gestures, the overall effect is one of effortless chic.


The Quay Apartments is a series of unique, highly-crafted and quality-finished spaces featuring floating wall paneling, double-width floating bars, figured veneers, lacquered storage units, etc. This concept pursues the idea that the things that surround us create the mood of a space, just like a stage set builds the scene that transports us to another world.


The result is a series of taut, tailored spaces that have bold geometries and unconventional arrangements. They are elegant, classic and refined with beveled corners, contrasting trims and generous scale. They evoke the qualities of high Art Deco design, yet are contemporary in their modern elegance. Completion 2014.