Smart Design Studio - Sydney Architects

Sussex 286

Smart Design Studio’s winning design, for the Sussex 286 Design Excellence Competition, focuses on the interplay between Sydney’s historic foundations and the urban reactivation of the site. The proposed Sussex 286 design appropriates the surrounding fabric of the city to create a new brick building with handsome proportions, minimal detailing and distinctive style. This 27 storey building is divided into hotel podium and residential tower. The podium containing 147 boutique inner city hotel rooms, as well as ground floor restaurant, retail and shared facilities.



The proposed form reads as a series of boxes assembled from the finer scales of the surrounding architecture. The luxurious hotel rooms are cleverly designed to create privacy, sustainability and light optimisation. The central atrium offers a place for socialising and acts as an organising element within the building. Our design includes a host of shared assets that tangibly distinguish the building from others and provide private relief from its surroundings.


The design for Sussex 286 creates opportunities out of its challenges. Great architecture (with great creativity) provides a toolkit to build spaces that have integrity, authenticity and solutions for how to live. It is about Urban Life: the celebration of this site’s urbanity as well as quality living. The in depth urban response and quality of public and private spaces will make Sussex 286 an exceptional place to live, work and experience.