Smart Design Studio - Sydney Architects

Marine 126

This building at Maroubra, south of Sydney, accommodates four luxury apartments (one per floor) plus a car park, built into the hill. We capitalised on its unique setting by creating a building that focuses on the wonderful view from within and, through strong form, creates a handsome profile to enhance the urban fabric of this area. This apartment building can be considered in three parts: A curved, steel and aluminium open-plan living area composed of three glass walls, one fronted with louvres; An enclosed masonry box form on the hill-side that accommodates the bedrooms and bathrooms as well as the building’s core; A serrated masonry podium that encloses the carpark, plant and the building’s waste facilities.  These elements have been combined to create a successful balance between privacy from within the units, whilst maintaining a strong connection to the view and the water, without having to rely on blinds or curtains.


As well as acknowledging the potential of this headland setting, the form of the building envelope was developed to minimize obstruction of neighbouring views and overshadowing to adjacent properties. Without meeting this requirement, the building would have not been approved by the local consent authority. Completed 2005.