Smart Design Studio - Sydney Architects

Crewe Place

Located at a site of dynamic transformation in the urbanisation of Rosebery and within easy reach of the new Green Square town centre, the ample proportions of a warehouse block offer the opportunity to create a strong street facade, consolidate a range of housing and establish a café, garden and child care centre. The street wall of the building is rhythmically articulated as a collective of individual homes making up a residential community. This urban form delineated by regular brick blades is reminiscent of the elegant residential city blocks which have shaped Paris, Copenhagen and Bruges; cities of pleasant public squares and vibrant streets. Classical architecture principles of repetition, rhythm, human-scaled proportion and framed openings and balconies are reinterpreted within the modern identity of Rosebery. The courtyard configuration allows the retention of street trees whilst accommodating a private internal landscape free of traffic noise. Deep balconies make outdoor living rooms and apartments bridge between the street and courtyard, offering the duality of retreat and engagement with street activity. In an area on the cusp of transformation, the distinctive design lays the foundation for a neighbourhood of vibrant residential character underpinned by urban amenity.


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