Smart Design Studio - Sydney Architects


Located on Adelaide Terrace, the Altura Apartment complex is designed to echo the Modernist typology of Perth’s premier riverside address, where rational towers are typically perched upon podiums featuring gardens and contemporary public sculpture. The tri-towered Altura complex – comprising 265 units over 24 storey – is an attempt to bring these Modernist elements together in a new way; the ‘art’ aspect is articulated in the very structure itself, where giant, splayed glass windows fragment reflections, their multi-coloured louvres adding drama and compositional form. A taut, reflective architecture incorporates winter gardens into the building itself.

Careful planning and a great site give the opportunity for nearly all the spacious apartments to enjoy water views over Swan River or Queen’s Park to the north. The views to the south are equally spectacular, however strong sea breezes and lack of sun on this side render balconies redundant. Planted terraces act as a double façade that facilitates natural ventilation and buffers noise. Formally, the complex is broken into three elegant blocks, stepped back to maximize views and sun exposure. Designed 2008.