Smart Design Studio - Sydney Architects


The Saesoon Presbyterian Church facility at North Rocks entails the conversion of a former saw-tooth 1960s industrial structure into an inspiring, functional and welcoming place of worship. Taking cues from the existing, robust I-beam and brick vocabulary, we added a glazed northern façade, punched new windows, doors and apertures into the other façades. The internal space has been organized around a central Gallery; on arrival, the congregation converges upon this wide central alley running the length of the building. The gallery effectively contains and channels people into the building. It also naturally divides the main volume; one side housing the larger halls and dining area with the 1,300 seat main hall at its centre; the other side containing the smaller meeting rooms for Sunday Schools, etc, grouped around a central atrium. The building aims to maximize opportunities for sustainable design, with the retention and re-use of the existing building a notable starting point. Currently in construction.