Smart Design Studio - Sydney Architects


Workshopped is a retail space specializing in Australian craft and design. Incarnating the innovative edge of its curatorial agenda, a continuous piece of joinery laps the corners of the space, like a box unfolded to reveal the objects encompassed within. Angled shelves and creased drawers are painted white as a backdrop to the varied, colourful forms of the products, lending these products an artistic quality and unifying the fitout amongst the disparate finishes and forms of the building’s existing walls. A flexing counter sculpted from white Corian balances near the entrance, beneath a simple sign with the store name, anchoring the diversity of the goods available for sale with a direct, clear and strong image. By amalgamating materials and finishes taken from the palette of a workshop with inspiration drawn from creative art the project embodies the ethos of Workshopped and its designer partners to promote and celebrate design, craftsmanship and fabrication. Completed 2010.