Smart Design Studio - Sydney Architects

Connor at Central Park

Connor at Central Park was awarded to Smart Design Studio as the successful winner of a design-excellence competition. It is the latest apartment building within the former Carlton United Brewery precinct, and encompasses urban design, architecture and interiors. This 13 storey development consists of 178 apartments which capitalise on expansive views of Sydney and Chippendale Green. Retail and residential common areas at ground floor continue the vision for an active urban precinct. Taking inspiration from the local architecture, Connor is clad in a warmly reflective rich copper colour and lenticular fins; a dramatically different building well-suited to its prime position.

Connor is located on the south-west corner of the urban regeneration precinct, at the intersection of O’Connor and Abercrombie Streets. As a gateway building, it guides people into the neighbourhood and establishes a connection between low rise Chippendale and the larger scale buildings of Broadway. The main entrance to the building is found on Central Park Avenue, fronting the newly created green retreat. The articulated east facade gives definition to the park public domain creating a stunning visual landscape.

Within this development, there is a great variety of apartment types, including:

  • Two-storey apartments on Ground floor which capitalise on the street level address,
  • Compact one bedroom apartments;
  • Dual key apartments on the corners of the site;
  • Larger and two-storey apartments on the upper levels.

All apartments are provided with private open space, in the form of a loggia, balcony or terraces. Just as the architecture is bold, strong and clear, the interiors deviate from the standard timber and white solutions of other developments to provide bold colour and texture in a concept defined by the idea of ‘Urban Juxtaposition’. This concept combines a completely new suite of details with rigorous planning to make functional and dramatic interiors, which complement the architecture of the building. Our ethos that people understand and appreciate quality and innovative design is supported by Frasers through our collaborations.

A new brushed copper composite-aluminium material will be used to clad the facade of the building. Its warm hue blends with the brick buildings of Chippendale and the heritage-listed “The Brewery Yard” adjacent. A brushed semi-gloss finish will reflect the surrounding ambient light and sky and in turn animate the building.